Five Digital Tools For Getting Your Daily News

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Whether you are a news junkie or not, you know that the world around us is full of breaking news stories. From celebrity deaths to political scandals to economic upheaval, keeping up with the latest headlines is crucial for staying informed and ahead of the curve. But with the endless amount of media available, finding reputable and comprehensive news updates can be difficult. Luckily, many innovative new tools have emerged to help busy people stay current and avoid falling behind the news. From email newsletters to mobile apps, here are five digital tools for getting your daily news in a convenient and digestible format.

For those who want to start their day with the top news stories of the day, this free, simple to use app is an excellent option. It scours popular online news sites and then breaks down the most important stories in a short and easy-to-read format that will leave you feeling well-informed and confident in your knowledge of the latest developments. The app also features a helpful “dashboard” that allows you to see at a glance what is happening in the world right now, and it even provides the most popular stories on Twitter for those who enjoy following the buzz.

A longtime staple for business professionals, this news app from LinkedIn provides a customized news stream based on your professional interests and the connections you have on the platform. Unlike other news apps that are content to simply aggregate articles, Pulse goes a step further by allowing you to share the stories you like with your network of colleagues.

This popular app, which is available for iPhone and iPad, offers a daily summary of the top news stories of the day from various sources. It’s a great tool for staying on top of the major stories of the day and for quickly reviewing your industry news before meetings or events.

The Yale Daily News is Yale’s primary source of campus news and debate, and the oldest college daily newspaper in the United States. It was founded on January 28, 1878 and is published each weekday while the University is in session. Many of the paper’s student editors, writers, and contributors have gone on to prominent careers in journalism and public life.

The New York Daily News was the first successful tabloid newspaper in the United States, and was at its most sensational during its heyday in the 1920s. Initially named the Illustrated Daily News, it found success with its emphasis on crime and scandal, lurid photographs, and cartoons and other entertainment coverage. Throughout its history, the Daily News was a staunchly Republican newspaper, often aligning with its sister publication, the Chicago Tribune, in supporting isolationism and other conservative populist positions. In recent decades, however, the newspaper has shifted to a more centrist editorial stance.