How Entertaiment Can Help You Break Into the Entertainment Business

Have you watched the movie Don’t Look Up, written by Adam McKay? Read the novel The Help, authored by Kathryn Stockett? Or listened to the song This Is America, recorded by Childish Gambino? Each of these entertainment pieces provides subtle or direct commentary on a specific issue – whether social, political, economic, or otherwise. As such, they are ideal conduits for presenting narratives that can hopefully spark change.

As someone who wants to break into the entertainment industry, it’s important to understand the business side of things as well. This means keeping an eye on what other entertainers are doing, both in terms of performance styles and how they run their businesses, and combining that knowledge into something that’s uniquely your own.

Ultimately, your success in the entertainment industry will come down to your ability to connect with and attract an audience. So don’t be afraid to get personal, keep it real, and don’t take yourself too seriously. To learn more about entertaiment, click the buttons below to see related collocations.