How to Find Business News

Business news is the type of news that covers commercial and economic events and issues. Most newspapers and magazines, radio and television-news shows have a dedicated business section. In addition, there are many websites and online-only publications that focus on business news. Business news coverage varies widely, from general interest to highly specialized information.

In the broadest sense, any entity that seeks profit from an activity can be considered a business. This could include an individual with a side hustle, a small company or even a large corporation. Profit can be derived from a number of activities, including selling goods and services, investing in securities (such as stocks or cryptocurrencies), barter-style trades, or simply making money from an investment. The most popular business activities in today’s society involve providing products and services to consumers. Examples of such businesses are Amazon, which began as an online book seller and has now expanded to offer almost every type of consumer good, as well as cloud computing and movie/show streaming services; or Apple, which sells a wide range of electronic devices, including computers, phones, earbuds and watches.

While some people may argue that a business should only concern itself with profit, it is important for businesses to stay abreast of the changing environment in which they operate. Businesses need to understand how their decisions will impact not only themselves, but their employees, customers and the community at large. A lack of awareness and understanding can have negative consequences for businesses, especially when it comes to ethical behavior.

Many people criticize business leaders, accusing them of personal greed or a disregard for the greater good. These criticisms are often valid, but they also miss the point. In fact, business has never been more complicated, and the challenges facing the global economy will only increase in intensity. The key is to develop a strategy that accounts for this complexity and adjusts accordingly.

This guide has been compiled by the specialists in Business Reference at the Library of Congress. The primary sources listed are available through the Library’s catalog, and there are additional resources available in the Business & Finance Collection and on our Business & Economy Blog. If you have questions about finding business news, please feel free to ask a librarian!