How to Get Your Business News in the News

Business news is the type of journalism that tracks, records, analyzes and interprets economic and financial events and issues. It is a subset of general news and may be found in newspapers, magazines, radio, television or web-based publications. Business news can be about a variety of topics, including local and international economic developments, industry trends, corporate and government policies and new investment opportunities.

A successful business article starts with a strong headline that grabs attention and speaks to your target audience. Most journalists spend only a few seconds deciding whether or not to read a story, so your headline should be clear and direct. If your headline isn’t immediately clear, they may skip over it and move on to the next item in their inbox.

The body of the article should be concise and contain all relevant information about the business news. Avoid long paragraphs and multiple adjectives, and always end with an “About Us” section that provides your company’s contact information and a quick bio. This is where you can include a quote from your CEO or other senior executive, as well as a link to your website.

Unless your news is especially unique or compelling, many reporters will draw on secondary sources to gather business news and facts for their articles. This includes online publications and social media, as well as industry conferences and meetings. While it’s tempting to rely on these secondary sources, you should also seek out information from primary sources that can add insight or perspective to the story.

In addition to sourcing business news from secondary sources, it’s a good idea to create your own press releases and distribute them to journalists on your list. A popular way to do this is through a newswire, which distributes press releases and other news items to journalists who write for publications like newspapers, radio and television stations, magazines, and online publications. Newswires often charge a fee to distribute stories, but they can help you reach a wide audience of journalists and provide you with a better chance at getting your business news in the news.

You can also pitch journalists directly to get your news in the news. However, it’s important to build relationships with journalists long before you need them for a story, and to offer them value and interesting angles before asking them to cover your business. Creating a journalist database is one way to do this; for example, you might create a spreadsheet or otherwise store details about the journalists whose articles you want to appear in.

The Library of Congress offers a number of resources to assist you in finding business news. To learn more about how to search print and microform business news sources, please see our Business News Sources Guide or contact Ask-A-Librarian.