LexisNexis Issues News – Staying Ahead of the Law

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If you are a law student or legal professional looking for new resources, you can find some of the most comprehensive and up-to-date legal information available through LexisNexis. From its federal legislative history research guide, to its Lexis+(r) Fact & Issue Finder, to its Nexis Newsdesk(tm) coverage of the Dobbs decision, you can stay up-to-date on the legal landscape.

The University of Virginia School of Law will be offering new courses this spring and winter. Professors have been appointed to endowed chairs. A new program has also been established, titled the Center for Empirical Studies in Law. This new program will be dedicated to training the next generation of lawyers in empirical techniques. It will also be focused on supporting fragile countries in transition.

In addition to offering new courses, the University of Virginia School of Law will be hosting a 16th Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies. Featured speakers include Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito, who will provide the keynote address at the event. Additionally, the UVA Law faculty will present a panel discussion on the effects of racial injustice in South Carolina.

On September 15, LexisNexis released the new Lexis+(r) Fact & issue Finder. The tool includes docket and complaint retrieval, as well as a publication status filter. With this new release, you can now search within the query builder, retrieve documents from a single source, and locate pending amendments to regulations. Plus, it includes new state code indexes and high-level content types.

Another major update to the LexisNexis library is the addition of nine popular labor and employment related answer books. You can now access this content, along with other high-level content, through the Lexis+(r) Legal News Hub. There are 430+ publications and a full range of premium content, including more than 20 treatises.

In addition to these updates, LexisNexis has also recently added a new feature: state motion metrics. Through this feature, legal professionals can easily identify trends in motions and pleadings. Using the tool, they can identify the prevailing court rules in the most common motions. For example, they can compare case law involving the same statutes and see how many times each has been cited.

The University of Virginia School of Law has recently hired two new professors to its faculty: Bennett Nelson and Kim Krawiec. Both of these instructors are teaching in the school’s clinical program. They will replace longtime professors Jaclyn Cherry and Ann Eisenberg, who will be retiring.

As part of its efforts to help the community, the School of Law will be partnering with the Konduros Fisherman Fund to offer free tax assistance to low income residents. In addition, students will also be providing free legal representation to veterans.

In addition to launching new programs, the University of Virginia School of Law is making sure to continue improving the academic profile of its entering class. For the 2019-2020 academic year, the class has already passed or surpassed all of the most recent metrics. Those who are interested in joining the UVA Law community should contact Admissions Director Natalie Blazer at [email protected] or call 804-824-3550.