New Law for Lawyers

Unlike some professions, law is not immune to change. As the legal landscape evolves, lawyers must embrace new ideas in order to provide the best possible service to clients. One area where this is particularly important is new law, a practice that seeks to offer more efficient and innovative ways of helping clients. Whether it’s working with underserved communities, using new technologies or creating different fee structures, this type of work can have significant benefits for all types of firms.

Legislation: Laws and statutes created by Congress or another legislative body. A proposed law is a bill, and the final law is called a statute.

The New York Times on Law

The Daily News’ weekly law column focuses on the most recent developments in state and local legislation, including legislative updates and analysis, court decisions, and other relevant news from around the country and the world. This column is authored by NYU School of Law Professor Mary Anne Kass.

Feature: Universal Vacatur and New Major Questions Doctrines

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Abbott Labs has renewed criticism of the absurdity canon, which courts use to determine whether a federal administrative law is constitutional. This Feature explores the history of the canon and shows how its rejection by modern textualists is unwarranted.

International Law News: Quarterly publication of the International Law Section bringing together the latest international law news topics. Read the full issue.

Regulatory Actions: New laws and changes to existing law

During Reunion weekend, NYU School of Law alumni joined current students for social and academic events. The reunion honored the contributions of the Class of 2022 and celebrated the start of a new chapter in the law school’s history.