New Law in State & Local Law News

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The legal world is ever-changing. New clients come along, old ones leave and the methods that firms use to help their clients have to change constantly. One concept that has risen in popularity over the past few years is that of “New Law.” The phrase is often used to describe alternative legal services providers, or ALSPs, but it also applies to those within law firms looking to find new ways to provide help to their clients.

The Spring edition of State & Local Law News covers the Colorado River Basin Compact negotiations, developments in Oregon’s gun control initiative, an excerpt from an eBook on zoning for manufactured housing and much more. Read the full issue here.

A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, establishing the Office of Street Vendor Enforcement within DCWP, and making other changes to agency nomenclature, offices and functions. Read Local Law 99 of 2020.

A local law to amend the administrative code of the city of the New York, establishing protections for displaced hotel service workers in the event of a change in ownership or management of a hotel. Read Local Law 108 of 2020.

Despite his defeat of Big Mom, Law has not yet reached the level of a true Yonko pirate and must continue to grow stronger. The most recent fight against Blackbeard, however, provided him with an opportunity to demonstrate a powerful new ability to fans: the ability to coat his body with enough Haki that Devil Fruit powers are negated.

The ability to do this is not as simple as coating the body with Haki, and executing this feat takes tremendous skill and coordination. But it is an important step toward becoming a Yonko and it is the type of ability that could help him achieve his ultimate goal – to become the Emperor of the Sea.