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Law new is one of the hottest areas of practice for lawyers today. The field encompasses a range of ideas that help clients in ways the legal industry has never before seen. It may be about working with underserved communities or coming up with strategies that do not involve traditional staffing methods. It may also mean providing services to those in need without impacting the primary areas of focus for a firm. It’s a concept that all those who work in the legal field should be aware of and explore as a way to add value for their clients.

Legislation signed today protects consumers from medicine price gouging during a shortage and curbs predatory subscription services. New Yorkers will benefit from the protections in legislation S.608-C/A.5653-B, which prohibits the sale of medicine for an unconscionably excessive price during a shortage. The Governor also signed legislation to protect against ongoing financial consequences of medical debt by preventing hospitals, health care professionals and ambulances from reporting consumer medical debt to credit agencies and making it harder for people with bad credit to get jobs, rent apartments and build wealth.

New York State law consists of constitutional, statutory and regulatory law passed by the New York legislature and periodically codified in the New York Consolidated Laws and decisions made by courts interpreting the laws. New York State law also includes local laws, ordinances and regulations passed by city governments.

Whether you are a New York business owner looking to expand your operations, an attorney seeking innovative ways to serve your clients or a student interested in learning more about the law, this site is for you. Here you can browse and search all current laws of the State of New York organized by subject matter. You can also search for proposed changes to the law (known as bills) which are formally introduced and numbered in the House of Representatives or Senate. Each bill includes a committee report that provides the purpose and scope of the law as well as a section-by-section analysis.