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The Daily News has been the voice of the people of New York for decades. It is one of the nation’s most widely read newspapers. In fact, it has earned 11 Pulitzer Prizes. This is a legacy of its dedication to reporting news accurately and fairly, even when the truth was uncomfortable.

While the newspaper has fallen on hard times, it has continued to cover local news. A recent feature explains how the paper survived in the digital era.

Since the paper’s purchase by Tronc, the company that is now Tribune Publishing, the newsroom has been reduced by half. Rather than laying off workers, the company has imposed pay cuts. However, it has also imposed furloughs. As a result, many staff members have had to leave.

Although the newsroom is still located at the historic Daily News Building, the building itself is now not owned by the paper. Instead, the building is now the world headquarters of the Associated Press. There are a few vestiges of the old Daily News left in the building. Some of these include a wooden bench in the lobby.

The Daily News was the first daily newspaper to be published in a tabloid format. This allowed for larger photographs and a more comprehensive news coverage. Eventually, the Daily News became known as the “New York’s Picture Newspaper.” The publication also developed a huge staff of photographers and cartoonists.

The Daily News has been a top-selling newspaper in the United States for decades, reaching over 200,000 readers each day in 2016. At the end of 2016, the circulation had reached more than 2 million copies. During that time, it also won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary. The Daily News also provides extensive coverage of sports.

Even though the paper has been a financial disaster for several decades, the paper continues to provide strong local news coverage. Recently, the Daily News has launched an interactive edition for computers and mobile devices, offering enhanced sharing and reading experiences. For instance, you can download an offline copy of the newspaper and share it with friends or family.

The Daily News’s mission is to report the news honestly and fairly. In addition to covering the news in New York, the newspaper is also known for its international reporting.

The newspaper has won many awards, including feature writing, commentary, and investigative journalism. Among these, the Daily News has received eleven Pulitzer Prizes. Currently, the paper is run by John York, a media executive.

When the Daily News moved to a new office location in 1995, dozens of its mainstays took to a bench. Some of them included legendary boxing writer Jimmy Cannon. Others, such as Dick Young, sat on the bench until the newspaper moved to another office in West 33rd Street.

The Daily News’s mission of covering the people of New York has given it a place in history. In addition to the newspaper, the company maintains local bureaus in Brooklyn and Queens. Through its news coverage and editorial opinion, the paper has helped give voice to those who are often voiceless.