What Is Business?

The business news section of a newspaper, magazine or website covers the economic and financial activities of individuals, companies, governments and other organizations. It also covers the changes that occur in society as a result of these activities and changes. The Wall Street Journal is one of the most prominent examples of a business-news section, and many other newspapers, magazines and television-news shows include a business news segment.

The word business is a noun that means the action of selling or buying products for profit. It can also refer to an activity that someone does for a living, as in “He’s in the business of running restaurants,” or, more generally, “They are in the business of selling cars.” A business can be a company that sells goods or services, such as a store or restaurant, or it can be an organization that is organized to pursue profit, like a charity, a religious group or a sports team.

A person can be involved in the business of writing, painting, designing, acting or even cooking. However, most people who are involved in the business of running a company or corporation are considered to be working in the field of business. Some businesses are very large and operate across a range of industries, such as Apple or Walmart. Other businesses are small operations that focus on a single product or service, such as a bed-and-breakfast or an advertising agency.

Most business people try to make a profit by providing a good or service and charging for it. In most cases, a business will need to turn a profit in order to survive and grow. However, some businesses are not designed to generate a profit and are known as not-for-profits. Not-for-profits usually invest any profit they earn back into their operations or in other charitable endeavors.

The term business is often used in idioms, such as “He’s really getting into the business of painting,” or, “She’s really got her head in the business.” People say that they are “into it” when they are enthusiastic about something. When someone says that they are “minding their own business,” it means they are not interfering in another person’s affairs. Business is also the name of a book by economist John Maynard Keynes, who wrote about capitalism’s tendency to attract the “most wicked” people and that those people will do the most wicked things for the best possible outcome.